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Lingua Podium

Everything started when Ms. Dumoulin proposed us to join an English project. Four students of Ms. Delers joined the project too. The project was a competition called « Lingua Podium ».

Together, we decided to make a play. The only problem was to get everyone to agree, especially Ms. Dumoulin…

So we changed the text of the play many times!!

For the play, we chose to make a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. We have created different endings, featuring different relationships. There were 3 endings, the original balcony scene and the original prologue.

The first scene represented an engaged couple who wasn’t very happy.

The second scene represented a mother who put pressure on her daughter to get married.

And the last one, the funniest, represented a couple who needed to spice up its intercourses. So they called a drag queen.

We have rehearsed the play several times with the help of Ms. Martens.

We would like to thank Mr Legipont and his students for the balcony they made for us.

After that we had the chance to borrow costumes from the Théâtre de Liège.

Then we did the play in front of the English classes.

Finally, we went to Visé for our representation.

We won a price and we received a Label for the school.

To conclude this article: it was a fun Project. Thanks to the teachers for the opportunity.

The students from the Lingua Podium project : Tim, Zacarias, Clara, Karol, Carine, Claire and Angelina.

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